The word “Venuranuian” stems from a conjunction between Venus and Uranus. The combination of Venus (love and value) and Uranus (disruption and innovation) reminds us that change is constant in life. By loosening that grip, we may set ourselves free to a new definition of self and life.

Julie C.

An avid traveler and a curious soul overall

Julie C. has long been examining astrology for the understanding of the self through her natal chart and the evolution in life through astrological transit since 1998. She has delivered astrological workshops on relocation and vocational astrology as well as the void of course moon at the Manitoba Astrological Association (MAA). She served on the IT committee for MAA between 2018-2020, and has completed the level I certification by Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE).

In her mundane life, Julie applies her analytical expertise to topics relevant to physical health. Driven by her extensive background in analytical science, an ongoing project of hers involves examining astrological hypotheses with scientific approaches. Her eventual goal lies in enhancing personalized wellbeing of body, mind and soul.